What to focus for app store ranking?


Who would not want his app to rank at the top? Who would not want unlimited download? In the end who would not like to pile up millions of bucks in the form of profit? Well everyone will. For this special focus has to be made at a few points for an optimum app ranking. Proper research can be conducted; statistics should be dug at to bring out the popular trends in the internet world. Application should be targeted that are useful and that make the life easy. One of the examples is an ebook that facilitates you reading without a book. But before doing that there are a few things one needs to focus. These are given below.


One should be aware of his target audience for the application creation. The popular trends should be taken into considerations. The age groups of the users, their knowledge about the app is very important if an application has to be designed for a particular target audience. If it has to be designed for an elderly age group it should not be too complicated. Likewise for younger kids apps should be interesting to look at without too many complications. Colorful graphics should be employed to make the content catchy.

Launching pad:-

Some app stores are more popular among the masses. The reasons for this could be safe downloads sometimes virus and malware is also downloaded along with the application. For the safety of their devices people go for reliable and secure app store. So go for the most popular platforms to launch your application. Also make sure you launch it not only on popular platform but everywhere.


Investment in the application programming is of utmost importance. Programmers and coders should be hired who have an in depth knowledge and experience in app creations so that the applications they create are without any loophole. After that investment should be made on the maintenances of application. Staying stingy in the matter of application designing and maintenance can create a frustrated audience which will decrease the app store ranking by not buying the app. The frustrated audience not only stops down loading the app they also put bad reviews for the others. This way they affect the app store ranking in two ways. A little investment in the beginning means profits for long times to come. So take out some money.


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