So, when I decided that I wanted to become a software engineer recently, I met a lot of skepticism. Nobody really expected it from me, and nobody believes that I’m actually going to go to school to get my degree in engineering. To be fair, I made the decision on a whim, but I do feel like this is the sort of opportunity that has made sense for me for a very long time. I’m very interested in programming and software, and I was surprised to learn that not very many of my peers were. I guess I just assumed that since we all use technology so often, we all had a sort of inherent interest and how it works. It turns out that I was wrong, it seems. Unless I wasn’t? Are you interested in becoming a software engineer? Or any sort of computer programming? Crickets. Happens. So I’ve learned. Anyway, it wasn’t until I heard about the large demand in the modern market for IT outsourcing that I realize that there might be a sort of way into this for me. You see, I never wanted to be on the software team of a large organisation, or to pull 9 to 5 shifts at an office somewhere, working on some sort of IT team. For some reason that always seems like a grim reality for me, and I wanted to do something different. I didn’t want to be a jack-of-all-trades, so I thought I had to avoid software engineering in general. But, what I’ve learned is that you can really specialize in what you are directly interested in, and that is totally what I’m about. The specialized Market labor is huge, and I’ve been talking to a few people who actually work as freelance software Engineers, programmers, and developers, and it seems like they have a life that I would be very interested in living. Professionally, at least. Engineers get a bit of a weird stigma, and I understand that.

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