Weighted grade calculator websites have been a part of my educational process for a long time, I always like to know exactly how I need to score to get the mark I want, I’m just kind of meticulous like that, because why not? What’s the harm in knowing exactly what you need to achieve, and then studying and training and working hard to achieve a very specific goal, I’m not young anymore, and if I’m going to justify being in school, I’m going to be doing it with the highest amount of intention and motivation and specificity as I possibly can. School, now, isn’t just about fooling around and having fun, it’s actually about learning the most I can with the most efficiency, as it’s an investment of time and energy, and I could just be working. But no, I’m in school, and I have specific goals. My GPA is important to me for several reasons. I want to keep it high, for the reasons of future considerations, like scholarships and transferring, but also just for my own personal Pride, do you know what I mean? Like, if I got to do a course, I kind of want to get as close to it as I can get. Actually, and a is the best mark to set your sights on in my opinion, so basically, I was happy to learn with this way to grade calculator that even if I get a be on my final exam, I could still end up with an “A”, which I think is pretty darn cool. So, I do suggest using this, but that’s just because I’m a very specific type of person, but if you think that my reasons are valid, you should go to this website and use this calculator. I swear that it won’t be a negative experience.

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